The Fish Who Wanted To Be King

Frontiers records (2022)

French music composer, and record producer Vivien Lalu is set to embark on a captivating musical journey with his latest effort, "The Fish Who Wanted To Be King". Delving into the realm of progressive rock, Vivien has crafted a very special album that showcases his unwavering dedication to this genre. 

Leading the charge with his mesmerizing vocals is the acclaimed Damian Wilson (Arena, Ayreon, Threshold), known for his versatility and emotive delivery. Together with the talented lineup consisting of Vivien Lalu himself on keyboards, Jelly Cardarelli (Adagio, Klone, Sweet & Lynch) on drums, Joop Wolters on guitars and bass, Matt Daniel on Hammond organ, and extra piano/keyboards, they form a musical force to be reckoned with. 

In a departure from his previous albums, Vivien has chosen not to feature any guest musicians on "The Fish Who Wanted To Be King", opting instead for the synergy and cohesion of a tight-knit group. This decision allows the collective talents of the five-piece lineup to shine, creating a seamless sonic tapestry that resonates with listeners. 

Vivien and Joop join forces in composing the captivating ideas and intricate musical arrangements that define the album's progressive rock sound. The lyrical depth and vocal lines on the album are the creation of Damian Wilson, whose writing and conceptual contributions bring an added layer of artistry and storytelling to the music.  

Jelly Cardarelli's skillful and powerful drumming brings an unparalleled energy and dynamism to the band's sound, elevating their performances to new heights. In addition to his drumming talents, Jelly's expertise extends to audio engineering, mixing, and mastering, ensuring the album's sonic excellence. His contribution as a co-producer has resulted in a solid mix that accentuates the intricacies and nuances of each instrument, allowing the music to come alive in all its glory. 

As both producer and a key contributor to the album's composition, Vivien has guided the creative process, shaping "The Fish Who Wanted To Be King" into a true musical opus. Drawing inspiration from his musical upbringing, Vivien's artistic vision and love for progressive rock music are reflected in every note, inviting listeners into a world of profound musical exploration. 

The album's visual identity is equally compelling, with artwork created by Mattias Norén (Epica, Derek Sherinian, Planet X, Star One). His stunning visuals provide a striking visual representation of the album's themes and concepts, perfectly complementing the music's emotive depth. 

With "The Fish Who Wanted To Be King" Lalu showcase their mastery of progressive rock, delivering an album that combines intricate melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and awe-inspiring performances. This musical endeavour serves as a testament to Vivien Lalu's unwavering passion for the genre, and solidifies his position as a visionary force in the realm of progressive rock.